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en - RE: [sympa-users] [sympa-announce] Sympa 6.2.34 released

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  • Subject: RE: [sympa-users] [sympa-announce] Sympa 6.2.34 released
  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2018 15:02:02 +0000

I have also been thinking about upgrading to 6.2.34. It seems to be running
fine on our development server. But I see that even six weeks after the
6.2.34 release notification was sent out, 6.2.32 is still on the main website. And, the 6.2.34 source/distribution files are a bit
hidden, unless you dig around or have the original email announcement. You
can't find them here:, for instance.
All this gives me pause.

Is 6.2.34 recommended at this point?

Thanks for any guidance.

Paul Kissman
Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

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Subject: Re: [sympa-users] [sympa-announce] Sympa 6.2.34 released

I see that 6.2.34 isn't on the web site yet.

But that's OK, because there's something messed up in the web formatting
that appears to be related to reorganized menus.

If I visit the subscriber review page for a list, the menu items that are
to be on the colored bar under Basic Operations are instead in a column
overlaid on
the text under the bar. It looks the same in Chrome and Firefox. I presume
this is
a stylesheet problem but I haven't tracked down the details.

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