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en - RE: [sympa-users] purge awaiting messages 6.1.15

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  • From: Steve Shipway <address@concealed>
  • To: William <address@concealed>, "address@concealed" <address@concealed>
  • Subject: RE: [sympa-users] purge awaiting messages 6.1.15
  • Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 22:02:17 +0000

> Is it possible to automatically purge awaiting messages after a certain
> of days has elapsed?

Assuming you mean the Moderation queue, then yes -- there is a per-list
setting clean_delay_queuemod to set this. You will find it in the list
config page under 'Miscellaneous'. Our default is 30 days.

> Also, is it possible to filter out duplicate emails sent to one subscriber
> belonging to multiple lists?

This is not directly possible as they are seen as separate emails and not

However, if you have the situation where one list's submission address is a
member of another (which used to be common under old systems such as
MailMan) you should instead use the Sympa way of including the list
membership as an external data source. You can also have a 'parent' list
which includes multiple other lists. In this case, Sympa will take care of
deduping membership so that each member only gets one copy of a message sent
to the parent list, even if they are in multiple 'child' lists.


Steve Shipway

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