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en - [sympa-users] Re: Re: Customizing rss.tt2

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  • From: Olivier Salaün <address@concealed>
  • To: Cefiar <address@concealed>, address@concealed
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  • Subject: [sympa-users] Re: Re: Customizing rss.tt2
  • Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 16:40:43 +0200

That's a limitation that could be removed. Please submit a feature request through

Note that we'll have to carefully manipulate the message body before it is made available for the RSS feed because it might not be text/plain.

Cefiar a écrit :
On Saturday 14 July 2007 00:06:34 Vegar Nilsen wrote:
(First, sorry about the double post)


one of our clients wants to display message bodies in the RSS feed, but I
can't find any tag for rss.tt2 that accomplishes this. I tried some
variants of this:

[% FOREACH a = archives -%]
<title>[% FILTER escape_xml %][% a.subject %] - [% a.from
<link>[% conf.wwsympa_url %]/arcsearch_id/[% list %]/[%
a.year_month %]/[% a
.message_id %]</link>
<description>[% FILTER escape_xml %][% a.message_body

<pubDate>[% a.date_smtp %]</pubDate>
[% END -%]

Obviously, there is no such tag called message_body, but is there some tag I
could use here to insert the entire body of the mails into the
I too would like to know about this.

If this gets turned into a feature request, it'd also be nice to be able to specify just how much of the message body to include (probably best as number of chars). This allows introductions (enough to hook people as to whether they want to read the message or not) in the RSS feed itself, without adding the whole message.

  • [sympa-users] Re: Re: Customizing rss.tt2, Olivier Salaün, 08/13/2007

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