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en - [sympa-users] Problem accessing archives after redirect for authentication...

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  • From: "Gavin Younger" <address@concealed>
  • To: <address@concealed>
  • Subject: [sympa-users] Problem accessing archives after redirect for authentication...
  • Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 16:28:45 -0000


We have noticed something of a problem displaying archives after users
have authenticated...

Consider the following situation :

We have a list with archives set such that access is restricted to
members only (in other words, they need to be logged in to view them on
the web). Now, if, for example, we post a URL in an email message
referring to a specific message eg)


Clicking on this link when not logged in causes the sympa server to
display a "You need to login" error - fair enough.

After logging in, however, you'd expect to be redirected to the above
URL after authenticating.

This does not appear to happen (you get logged into the home page

Can anybody suggest a fix for this?

(I've seen the following on the bug tracker that describes something
very similar, but does not work for the above situation : )

Gavin Younger,
Unix Systems Team,
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

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