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en - Re: [sympa-users] More info on problems, and a question

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  • From: Michelle Murrain <address@concealed>
  • To: address@concealed
  • Subject: Re: [sympa-users] More info on problems, and a question
  • Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 17:26:33 -0400

At 2:49 PM -0400 5/27/03, Michelle Murrain wrote:
But I still have one remaining problem - I can't seem to get sympa to recognize the subscribers, even though I've restarted sympa a couple of times. I vaguely recall that there is a command to make sympa relook at the database - but I don't know what it is,and I can't find it in the documentation.

Sorry to keep bothering people!

I've found the 'review list' command, that I send to sympa. I did that, and sympa nicely and happily sent me back the list of susbcribers, and on the basic admin page, the number of subscribers of the lists seems to correspond with what is correct.

However, when I look at the subscriber list, it's EMPTY!! How do I get that back?

As well, when I moderate a message, I get a bounce rate of 100%! The bounce review page has all the addresses, but with a period in December of 1969! I imagine this is a result of the data import I had to do. Although when I look at the database - the bounce_subscriber field is blank! What can I add to that to make it not think it's a bouncing address?

The email addresses look just fine, and as I said, using the review command sends me back a nice message with all of the subscribers.

It seems to be sending mail out - when I sent a test message it gets out

In addition, I'm having a different sort of problem. When I try to send a subscribe command, or a moderation command to sympa, I'm getting a "No command found in message" answer.


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