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en - Re: [sympa-users] Has anybody used the Ubuntu SYMPA package?

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  • From: Colas Nahaboo <address@concealed>
  • To: address@concealed
  • Subject: Re: [sympa-users] Has anybody used the Ubuntu SYMPA package?
  • Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 15:36:27 +0200

OK, the SYMPA Ubuntu package does not seem maintained anymore.
My question on its launchpad page remained unacknowledged for 2 weeks and has thus been auto-closed, and there has been no activity on this package for 2 years :-(
And no questions have been ever answered either.

Guess I will have to install from source.


On Mon, 8 Jun 2020 at 14:17, Colas Nahaboo <address@concealed> wrote:
Hi SYMPAtic users,

Has anybody succeeded in making the SYMPA package for Ubuntu work, specifically the web archiving of emails?

I know this seems a question for the ubuntu package maintainers, but they do not seem to respond to my post there(*). So I am wondering if I am the only one to have this problem.

Or is it recommended not to use the Ubuntu SYMPA package?


The Ubuntu sympa package does not archive messages. But the Debian one does.

I have been using Sympa installed from sources, then the Debian SYMPA packages for more than 10 years at my company, upgrading them, with hundreds of lists, but I have been required to move it to Ubuntu LTS servers.

I have installed a vanilla sympa package on an Ubuntu 18.04LTS server (just set the domain name and listmaster in the config) to check the differences and prepare the migration, but to my surprise the messages are distributed to recipients but not archived, with no error messages anywhere.

I choose public lists, and the archiving is enabled in the config.
mhonarc seems to work.
Dir permissions seem OK

The list directories are created in /var/lib/sympa/arc but stay empty. Lists directories are even not created at all in wwsarchive.
I have installed new Ubuntu 18.04LTS and 20.04LTS systems on another VM hoster to check, installed sympa from scratch and got the same problem on both.
I have installed a fresh Debian 10 server to compare, installed sympa, and... it works!

This is driving me insane, I cannot see what could be the differences that could induce this behavior. I cannot believe that nobody has ever tried to use sympa message archives on Ubuntu. And how come Debian and Ubuntu packages can be so different?

Any hint would be greatly welcome.


Colas Nahaboo -

Colas Nahaboo -

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