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en - [sympa-users] 2 questions: Truncating subject lines, and turning off archives

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  • From: Anne Cross <address@concealed>
  • To: address@concealed
  • Subject: [sympa-users] 2 questions: Truncating subject lines, and turning off archives
  • Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 10:19:48 -0400

I have checked both the sympa website and the archives for this list and
I've had no luck finding an answer to either of these two questions.
Hopefully, they are simple to answer and I'm just looking in the wrong
place. Pointers to documentation that I've missed are appreciated.

We're running sympa 5.4.3, apache 2, postfix 2.5, and mysql 5.1.22.

The first problem we're having is that subject lines longer than 80
characters are getting the whitespace removed randomly from the subject,
and then the subject is truncated in all replies. Is there a
configuration option where I can make maximum length of the subject
longer than the apparent default?

The second problem is that we have some lists that are being archived
that we don't need to have archived. These are high-traffic lists that
get a large number of automated messages that we don't need to save.
I've been unable to figure out how to turn off the archives for these
lists. Setting the quota very low means the list doesn't get archived,
but I get spammed with messages about how the list is over quota. Is
there any way to just turn the archiving off?

Many thanks for your help.

-- juniper

Anne "Juniper" Cross
Linux Engineer and Extropic Crusader
Ops HQ, ITA Software

  • [sympa-users] 2 questions: Truncating subject lines, and turning off archives, Anne Cross, 10/29/2008

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