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en - [sympa-users] no index files

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  • Subject: [sympa-users] no index files
  • Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 19:59:52 +0200

sorry to bother again with silly questions, but I am trying to import a
previous LISTSERV mailing list to sympa.
Actually I don't have the LISTSERV archive but a mbox file with all emails
received since beginning of the list, so I converted this file.
Except some UNKNOW dated mails I have to check I see that the script are
correctly work, but in the calendard window I cannot see how many messages are
kept inside each month but only a "??? messages" title when I mouseover each
month. By the way I see this also on your calendar..

anyhow, after a bit of debugging I saw that the script does not
call the "indexing" part it's going to rebuild the archive, but it calls the
"indexing" part only in the "mail2arc" section. So inside each "arc/yyyy-mm"
directory the "index" file is missing and I see that the perl script check
this file to set correctly the title of each month in the calendar-window.
Is it possible to "index" also when I do a archive rebuilding?
Now I wrote a small bash script called by, but I think it's better
everything inside the file, but I perl is not yet my language ;(


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