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fr - Sympa 2.7 released

Subject: Pour les administrateurs de serveurs de listes utilisant le logiciel Sympa

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  • Subject: Sympa 2.7 released
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 12:47:08 +0200

Here is Sympa 2.7 release ( .
There is a lot of new features and changes from last stable
version 2.6.1.

Main new feature are :
* list creation using wwsympa
* S/MIME authentication method in both messages and comamnds
* homepage (list of lists) organized with categories. It uses
a new list parameter topics (optional) and the file topics.conf
to describe categories.
* sympa recognizes commands in multipart messages
* RFC 2369 compliant header fields
* New subscriber option "summary"
* ...

Main other changes :
* Scenario, wwsympa templates and messages templates are now
located in list directory, else in ~sympa/etc/ else in ~sympa/bin/etc
This prevent make install to overright your custom configuration
* A single Makefile in the distribution directory allow installation
of nls, wwsympa and sympa. make help you to download and install
prerequisite CPAN modules.
* choose your prefered color in main Makefile
* New HTTP cookie format. This cookie can be checked without access to
user passwd. The goal is to allow different application to recognize
Sympa cookies. New library module : for developpers who
want to share authentication with WWSympa.
* rule in a scenario now accept a list of auth method :
exemple : is_subcriber([listname],[sender]) smime,md5 -> do_it
All scenario has been updated in order to accept S/MIME method,
* ...

How to update from previous versions

-1- extract tar,
-2- edit main Makefile adapt to your configuration
-3- create a ~sympa/etc/topics.conf (use the sample in distribution
directory). (Beta test user should check for a new format of

In most case that all : make; make install and retart sympa and httpd

-4- update each list configuration file to add one topics (optional)
-5- create ~sympa/etc/scenari ~sympa/etc/wws_templates, ~sympa/etc/templates
-6- install your private scenario in ~sympa/etc/scenari if any :
update them : you must add the authentication method smime in
various rules, look at the src/etc/scenari to see how to do it.
You must also add md5 in most rule where auth is smtp because now
Web authentication method is always md5 (user = nobody if not logged)
-7- if any install your private wwsympa templates in ~sympa/etc/wws_templates
-8- if any, install your private message templates in ~sympa/etc/templates
-9- install openssl if you want to perform S/MIME authentication

In case of any trouble, don't forget to check the RELEASE_NOTE.

We want to thanks all the courageous users who test alpha and beta

Serge Aumont, Olivier Sala√ľn

Serge Aumont CRU campus Beaulieu Tel : +33 2 99 847 147
35042 Rennes Cedex fax : +33 2 99 847 111

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