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  • From: Benjamin Renard <address@concealed>
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  • Subject: Re: [en@sympa] Pre-planning questions
  • Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2024 10:57:16 +0200


Le 10/04/2024 à 21:02, Chris Kay (via en Mailing List) a écrit :
As a follow-up for those with Exchange Online in-house, how do you handle:

* Integration with GAL
Hi don't know how the GAL could be externally completed but if you known how to create an address in the GAL, the easiest way to automatically manage lists addresses (5-6 addresses by list) in the GAL on list creation/deletion is to write a custom aliases manager. The aliases manager is a script called by sympa to manage the local aliases tables. With your own version of this script, you could also taking care to manage the lists addresses in the GAL.

Sympa is provided with different versions of aliases manager scripts :
- (default) : store aliases in a text file that could be used as an hash table in postfix
- : store aliases in a MySQL table
- : store aliases in a LDAP directory

It's also pretty simple to retrieve the list of available mailing lists addresses (5-6 addresses by list) from the Sympa database or by parsing the local sympa aliases table file.

* Using Sympa groups (especially ones with nested Exchange DLs) for
Outlook calendar invites?
I don't know what exactly is involved in using outlook calendars, but I mean these invitations will send email to the lists and you have to make sure that these emails will be accepted and distributed by Sympa without moderation or validation. If you have sender restrictions on your lists, it will be probably on the sender email address. In case of calendar invitation, the sender address is probably the email address of the user who create the event, so if he is a member of the list, no problem. For other/special case, you also could register a member to a list with the reception setting as nomail, to allow him to send email to the list without receiving email from the list.


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