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en - Re: [sympa-users] Q&A form for qualifying list members?

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  • From: David Verdin <address@concealed>
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  • Subject: Re: [sympa-users] Q&A form for qualifying list members?
  • Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2018 10:24:29 +0200

Hi Miles,

Look at the custom list attributes : these allow to define additional attributes for users, such as where they come from, age, anything. You can define them as mandatory or optional. When people subscribe through the web interface, they will be prompted with an additional form requesting them to fill these attributes.

In addition, said attributes can be provisionned from LDAP or SQL.

All the details here:



On 01/09/2018 23:50, Miles Fidelman wrote:
Hi Folks,

Does anybody know of an extension to Sympa, or some other kind of tool, for collecting information about folks when they join a list?  Something like the way Facebook groups allow for asking screening questions when somebody tries to join a private group.

I'm trying to set up a private discussion list, pre-screen folks who apply to participate, and maybe populate a member directory with profile information in the process.

Anybody seen something like that?


Miles Fidelman

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- Francis Blanche

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