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en - RE: [sympa-users] how to use data sources

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  • From: "Malcolm Waltz" <address@concealed>
  • To: "Philip Brown" <address@concealed>, <address@concealed>
  • Subject: RE: [sympa-users] how to use data sources
  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 09:53:59 -0700

Hi Philip,

I assume you are using Sympa 6.x. If you are looking at the config file
for the list, then this is the format:

include_file /full/path/to/file

If you are looking at the web interface as listmaster, you can find the
include_file option here:

We have a number of "institutional" lists that are auto-populated this
way. We hope to eventually transition to using SQL populated lists, but
for now this works quite well.

Malcolm Waltz
Unix Systems Administrator III
Office of Information Technology
University of the Pacific

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Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 9:28 AM
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Subject: [sympa-users] how to use data sources

Hello (Bonjour :)
I've been through the documentation a few times, and while I've happily
reference to 'include_file', I cannot find a specific example of how
to create
a list using this.

Some background: I have a test deployment of sympa, using mysql as a
backend for user information, etc.
We want most mailing lists to be created by individual users using
the web front end. and have them populate it manually.
However, we also want to create some "institutional" mailing lists,
and have the membership be defined by the contents of the appropriate
file on the system.

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