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  • From: Fil <address@concealed>
  • To: Sympa-Users <address@concealed>
  • Subject: distribution list
  • Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 11:43:52 +0100

Hi everybody

This is about send-only mailing-lists.

Here list is send-only. It has 120 000 subscribers, many addresses bounce, and
many people reply. So properly sorting all these messages is vital.

* What do I have?
When a mail comes back from subscribers, it can be either a bounce or a
reply. It is usually sent to listname@server. (And that's what I want: I
want sympa to processs all replies.)

Sympa then sorts bounces, and asks the editor to "moderate" the other
messages. I hate it.
The alias in /etc/aliases is
listname: "| /home/sympa/bin/queue listname"

* What do I want?
I want sympa to send the messages (other than bounces) to the editor (with
some additional headers, why not), so the editor can process them as if they
were sent to her directly (like "reply to the message" should reply to the
sender, not to sympa)

To do this we need a "post" address that is distinct from the "listname"
address, eg
1 listname: " | /home/sympa/bin/XXXXXXX listname"
2 listname-post: "| /home/sympa/bin/queue listname"

My question: what to put in XXXXX ? If I put queue it tries to "moderate"
the messages, if I put bouncequeue then I never get the replies.

Or, maybe, this a configuration issue?

send editorkeyonly

-- Fil

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